Ngobaran Beach

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Name : Pantai Ngobaran
Located : Kanigoro Village, District Saptosari, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Description : Ngobaran Beach has sea grass that is green and brown if the water was receding. And the main thing is that there were four that stood adjacent worship around this Ngobaran Beach. The first is the Temple with statues of gods white, places of worship Kejawan. The second is joglo building used as a place of worship Javanist. The third, is the Temple worship of Hindus. And fourth, last, is a small mosque measuring 3 × 4 meters.
 This beach is not crowded enough so it is still clean, the beach is located on the western coast Ngobaran baron. travel approximately 90 minutes from our house (Bantul), but in the new year yesterday baron beach, Krakal, silt is the most crowded beach. baron beach connecting road to the beach alluvium experiencing congestion, many 4-wheel vehicles that thronged the street.
What are you interested to get there? Visit now.
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