Day trips to the island that has the charm of "Mauritius"

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Name : Mauritius.
Description : Republic of Mauritius is an island nation in the southwest Indian Ocean, about 900 km east of Madagascar. Besides the island of Mauritius, the country also includes Cargados Carajos Islands, Rodrigues and Agalega Islands. Included in the Mascarene Islands, Mauritius, along with France's Reunion Island 200 km southwest of Mauritius.

  In this archipelago, there are beaches have white sand and gentle, who utilized his regular travelers to relax, play with your family, and also view and waiting for sunset in the evening.
This was the view at sunset.

   Moreover, in this place we also can dive into his ocean, view and enjoy the natural beauty of the seabed of the island. Seeing the pristine coral reefs, see fish that are still fresh, of course can make you fascinated by the beauty of the sea from this place
Other pic.

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