Enjoy the Beauty of Iguazu Waterfall

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Name : Iguazu Waterfall
Located : Iguazu River on the border of the state of ParanĂ¡ in Brazil and Misiones province in Argentina.
Description : This waterfall is one of the waterfalls in the world that has a charm that is not less beautiful with Niagara Waterfalls in Canada. With views that are still green around it, making this terun water becomes more beautiful. Sometimes, this waterfall gushing my beautiful ray of light from the rainbow that dipancar the consequence transmitting light between the sun and its water.
      This waterfall is one of the favorite area for tourists who want to spend the holidays with families and couples. Here you will enjoy the freshness of water from rivers in these two countries, Argentina and Berazil.
  In fact it, this waterfall of separation between the 2 countries, namely Argentina and Berazil. In this place, you will feel comfortable with the beauty of a waterfall that falls hit the water.
  You can play boat at this place. Not far from this tempaty, there is also a place of lodging.
    In this place, you also can ride the train that will take you directly to the place waterfall is located. Not your hard to find where the water Falls is located. What bilka you're on vacation in Argentina or any Berazil, should asnda dropped into this place, to enjoy the beauty of Iguazu Falls.

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