Vacation to the Entalula island with Family.

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Name : Entalula Island.
Located : Province of Palawan, Philippines.
Description : An island that there are many places to be enjoyed with your family. This island, we are very in treat for a relaxing leisure activities that used to remove the moment we live a days. Here, not only we can indulge ourselves to relaxs, but also our families, children, or wives or our husbands.
   On this island, there was white sand beaches clean. On this beach, we can relax, enjoy the beauty of the existing sea. Not just relax, on the beach in well we can plays, like playing volleyball, surfing, and many more activities we can do at this beach.

  On this island, we could swim, and enjoy the beauty of lau which is owned island. The island is also beautiful as the Cayman Islands. Swimming dive into the beauty of its sea, with a view of fish contained in it, really very exciting. What more if we are accompanied by those we love. Very romantic. Feed the fish.

  You do not worry, on this island there is also a very convenient hotel for your shared with your family. Walking in the evening with the family so is fun on this island. For those of you who vacation in the Philippines, do not forget to stop by to pualu this.

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