Take shelter under the "Banyan Tree Park Lahaina".

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Name : Banyan Tree Park
Located : Front Street, Lahaina.

Description : Historic Lahaina is a wonderful place to walk through. It was at one time in history the capital of Hawaii and the Pacific’s wildest port. Banyan Tree Park Lahaina is located on vibrant Front Street in Courthouse Square, within walking distance of the Wo Hing Temple and other downtown attractions, and is one of the stops on the walking tours of the historic town. It is one of the largest Indian Banyan trees in the world !

  This banyan tree in Maui is from India , where it is a sacred plant in many Hindu cultures. It was only 8 feet tall when it was originally planted in 1873.  Now it’s over 60 feet high with a huge central core plus 12 major trunks around the park. The tree grows sideways with branches going in and out of the ground and roots hanging down from the sideways branches until they reach the ground and make new branches.
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