The combination of urban and beach "Monterey Bay".

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Name : Monterey Bay.
Located : between the city of Santa Cruz and Monterey.
Description : Monterey Bay is one of the places / towns favorites. The atmosphere is cozy, it's really true collaboration between the coastal city with a distinguished urban environment. Located on the bay from the Pacific Ocean, along the California coast, south of San Francisco, the city of Santa Cruz and Monterey.

  Monterey Bay is home to many species of marine mammals, including sea otters, harbor seals, and bottlenose dolphins, and fish are on track immigration Humpback whales, including Killer Whale (Orca) and elephant seals breeding sites.
 A visit to Peninsula Monterey beautiful just not complete without meeting with Old Fisherman's Wharf - a myriad of big restaurant, seafood, shops unique, whale watching, fishing, and bay cruises, theater, and the sights and sounds of Monterey the past. Old Fisherman Wharf is the place for fishermen and utilized for the arrival of tourists. Along the way, there are rows of restaurants, shops and souvenir shops where fishermen rest.
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