Cool waterfall "Coban Rondo".

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Name : Coban Rondo
Located : Malang, Indonesia.
Description : Coban Rondo Waterfall located on the slopes of Gunung Kawi, Malang district administration which, according to forest management included in the FMU (Forest Pemangkuan Unity) Perhutanioffice Malang. Meanwhile, according to government administration, in the Village Cobanrondo Pandesari, Pujon District, Malang.
  Coban is a Javanese word meaning waterfall. While rondo means widow. There is a legend about the origin of the name of this waterfall. This story you can see near the waterfall, inside a glass frame, which is the written legend Cobanrondo origins of the name of this place.

  In this resort there are also other facilities such as playground for children or a place for you who want to camp in the open. On the way, you will pass the bridge that spans the upper river. The voice sounded soothing ripples of water. At the end of the road, many merchants who offer food, beverages, or unique souvenirs that can be used as a memento or a souvenir.

  If you want to reach the waterfall, you have to walk about 2 km from the counter purchase of tickets. Travel will not be hard because the green trees that will protect you from the sun and gave a lot of oxygen to the lungs. The path that must pass is good so as not to burden your trip. With an average temperature around 22 degrees Celsius, you will enjoy the coolness of the atmosphere. So do not be surprised if many visitors who like to relax under the trees or sitting on a stone bench for a moment that is available.
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