Atmosphere in the "Gembira loka zoo"

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Name : Gembira Loka Zoo.
Location : Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Description : Glad Loka Zoo is a zoo located in Yogyakarta. Contains a wide range of species from around the world, such as orangutans, Asian elephants, chimpanzees, tigers, and so forth. Gembira Loka Zoo main attraction for tourists in Yogyakarta. Gembira Loka Zoo was badly damaged by the earthquake that shook the city of Yogyakarta in 2004. However, after the renovation Loka Zoo Excited tourists still sought.
Chimpanzee pic.
  Fun workshops zoo now has a fairly complete collection of animals. Each year there are additional occupants. Already several times an elephant giving birth a rare Komodo dragon has also animals incubate their eggs. In Gembira Loka people can casually use canoe BOAD provided at the lake. Besides can enjoy a wide variety of tree species that grow complement existence botanical garden. One thing of concern is that many conditions that are less neglected animals. Many facilities just as if improvised. That's because the income from a very small entrance fee from tourists who visit at least.
Crocodile pic.
   Museums Zoos well this is one museum in Yogyakarta is the most complete collection. Different types of body-both plants and animals that lived and died there in this museum. The number of plant collections in this museum approximately 60 species of rare plants such as miri forests, Kepel, kapok mat, keben, siperes, and others. While the species of animals that are around 311 species such as tigers, Kida nil, giraffe, anoa, elephants, crocodiles, and others.
Turtle pic.
   Access to the Gembira Loka is easy. Zoo is located in the center of town. Its location is very close to Yogyakarta City Hall makes it easy to find this location. Road access is also very supportive as it can be reached by private vehicles both two-wheel or four-wheel or by public transportation such as bus Trans Jogja.
 Iguana pic.
Comodo pic.
 Camel pic.

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