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Name : Garden Fresh Water Aquarium
Location : TMII, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Description : Freshwater Aquarium Park was established in 1992, but it was only inaugurated on April 20, 1994. Historically, the establishment of the park plan has been initiated and the aquarium is actually desirable since a long time by the members of the Ornamental Fish Association of Indonesia (PIHI). PIHI leadership at that convey plan to establish a garden aquarium to Mrs. Tien Soeharto. Scoop was intercepted, this plan was finally approved by the First Lady. After going through the coordination of a mature, then formed a committee to realize the aquarium park development plan that presents the simulation and the replica of the original ecosystems of wetlands as a means of education, research, and conservation of nature. This park is now known as the Garden of Fresh Water Aquarium.

Monster fish ! 
   If you want to relax while looking at the biological diversity of freshwater biota, come to the Garden of Fresh Water Aquarium in the tourist area of ​​Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), Indonesia. The park is managed with the theme "Indonesia and the World of Fresh Water" showcases a wide variety of freshwater biota from the waters of Indonesia and abroad in various forms, such as a wall aquarium, aquarium gates, pool glass bridge, pond ecosystem, and the pool touched.
Saw shark !

   Several special collections are derived from native freshwater Indonesia, among others, Arowana / Siluk (Scleropages formosus), shark saws (pristis Microdon), Tapah (wallago leerii), chopsticks fish, puffer fish which can swell up like a balloon, and others. In addition, there is also a collection of fascinating species of fish living among others arapaima (arapaima gigas), piranhas (serrasaimus) from the Amazon River in South America, blind fish, butterfly fish, chinese high fin fish (myxocyprinus asiaticus asiaticus) of the Yangtze River -China, as well as groups of small fish guppy, molly, and platy.
 Visible Kura turtle and some fish in the pond touch !

  Garden Freshwater Aquarium also presents other freshwater biodiversity, such as turtles and white (albino) derived from the Organ Komering Downstream, South Sumatra, and eel flowers or large eel (anquila marmota) from the Moluccas. White turtle in this park does not have scales on his back and taken from the marsh habitat, while the eel has a magnitude of about two meters long with a weight of 21 kg.
   Freshwater Aquarium Garden, but used as a tourist, can also be used as a means of research. To support these facilities, this park provides a vehicle for consultation and report the completion of thesis research in cooperation with the Agency for Agricultural Research and Development that accommodates research related to biological freshwater biota. With the concept of this vehicle, Parks Aquariums same time also be a data base about the biology and diversity of freshwater biota.

   To support the convenience when visiting tourists, the park has provided facilities that can be used for various activities related to science, such as auditoriums to seminar rooms, screening room, and library as a center of information on freshwater biota. In addition, this park also has a place to accommodate quarantine and treat the sick fish. The place of quarantine is also used for fish breeding and poultry natural feed. In this place, visitors will receive additional information particulars cultivate fish.

   The park is also equipped with a laboratory that specifically serves to analyze the water, disease, and all things related to freshwater fish. Even more interesting, in this park there is also a museum as a place of visual tools supporting freshwater fish. Here, tourists can see the morphology of the fish in detail in the form of posters and miniature fish.

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