Seeing the diversity of wildlife in the "Taman Rimba".

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Name : Taman Rimba.
Location : Jambi, Indonesia.
Description : Zoo (often abbreviated bonbin, from gardener animals) or a wildlife park where animals are kept in an artificial environment, and exhibited to the public. Aside from being a place of recreation, the zoo serves as a place of education, research, and where conservation for endangered wildlife. Animals that are kept in zoos are mostly animals that live on land, whereas animals maintained in the aquarium water.
   Zoo that allows visitors to enter by car or bus is called a safari park. Animals released in large open areas, and not confined in narrow cages, but is restricted by fences or ditches. Zoo zoos are often equipped with a child to exhibit livestock or wildlife species is not yet mature and benign for the held-held or fed, including by children. There is also an animal-themed playground
   A Sumatran tiger (Pantheratigris sumatrae) female named Union imported from Jakarta Ragunan Zoo last year on Tuesday (25 / 1) gave birth to four kittens in the City of Edinburgh Zoo. Unfortunately, the tail of his death. Head of Department of Technical Implementation Unit (UPTD) Zoo (Park Forest) Jambi, Adrianus told reporters at City of Edinburgh Zoo, Tuesday (25 / 1) explain, it did not yet know the sex of the three children that live tiger. Tiger cubs are still suckling its mother and would not be abandoned. While the tiger killed a child-sex male, weighing 1.5 kg and length 25 cm.

 Mongkey !
 Elephant !

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