Holiday to "Parrot Jungle Island"

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Name : Parrot Jungle Island
Location : Pulau Watson , Miami , Florida , Amerika Serikat.
Description : Jungle Island (formerly Parrot Jungle) is an interactive zoological park on Watson Island, Miami, Florida, United States. [1] It was originally Parrot Jungle and moved from its original suburban Pinecrest to its current location east of Downtown Miami as Parrot Jungle Island is replaced. In 2007, the park was again renamed Jungle Island.
  Originally founded in 1936 by Franz & Louise Scherr, Parrot Jungle is one of the first tourist attractions established in the Miami area [. referral? ] The idea for Parrot Jungle began after Scherr, owned and operated feed and supply store in Homestead, became interested in the idea of ​​building an attraction where birds would "fly free". Scherr lease 22 acres (89,000 m 2) of hammock land for an annual fee of $ 25. Jungle parrot was built as a nature trail winding through the rocks and excavated soil hammock, indigenous to the area. All natural plant is left undisturbed. The entrance was built on the Red Road.
   Landmark Park is a screen that covers the Jungle Theater, an arena where visitors discover the wildlife from around the world. On the other side of the theatrical life of Hercules, a 900-pound Liger, a cross between a lion and tiger. The park is also home to a trained bird show at the Parrot Bowl, and exhibition of reptiles, penguins, flamingos and other animals at the Serpentarium. The Parrot Bowl, Jungle Island "Winged Wonders" show highlights birds from all over the world, including the Andean Condor, Cassowary, and the King Vulture. Jungle Theater has a "Story of the Tiger" show, featuring big cats and wildlife.
  In "Serpentarium" (named in honor of Bill Haast's Miami Serpentarium 's well-known), a broad spectrum of animals presented - from the African Penguin for Alligator Snapping Turtles, Boa Constrictor snake for lemurs. A variety of other mammals, keeper talks and presentations throughout each day casual performed at Jungle Island.
   Park "Everglades Habitat" recreates the Florida Everglades ecosystem, featuring lots of natural flora and fauna found in natural environments. The whole facility is planted without using any artificial fertilizers or pesticides, making it one of the theme park once a sustainable or zoo in the United States.

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