Excotic "Tulum Mexico".

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Name : Tulum Mexico.
Location : Mexico.
Description : This location is very beautiful and stunning highly Inappropriate for a family vacation WHO want to travel. This location is ideal and will never regret after the visit. In its time Tulum served as a point of defense against invaders from Both the land and sea, and also as a port of call for the maritime commerce along the coast That thrived. Today Tulum is one of the most visited of all Mayan ruins, and it's also the only major Mayan Ruin to be found along Mexico's Caribbean coastline on the "Riviera Maya". Tulum ruins

 Tulum Mexico

   Businesses in the Tulum Pueblo are improving with the increase in tourism. Restaurants like Charlie's in the Tulum Pueblo have great character and serve tasty meals. Gift stores like Mixik, next to Charlie's, has out of the ordinary items from all over Mexico. For those who like the beach, several excellent restaurants with deluxe beach cabaƱas are located along the road to Punta Allen. One of our favorites is Zamas which is less than a mile south of the intersection of the Coba road and the beach road to Punta Allen. There is a lot to do and see in TULUM. Regardless of where you choose to stay in the "Riviera Maya" you should plan a day to take an adventure to Tulum and experience some of its mystery and beauty.

 Tulum pic from high

   Tulum is also famous for its cenotes; Mother Nature's own crystalline fresh water pools which are immersed in history and Maya ritual. These cenotes are actually windows to the vast underground rivers that flow beneath the ground through submerged caves. The cenotes have provided freshwater to the land inhabitants for millennia. In the Tulum area the best cenotes are located south of the Tulum Pueblo and along the road to the Mayan ruins of Coba. Tours to these cenotes are offered to both snorkelers and divers by dive shops and adventure tour operators from Tulum to Cancun. Qualified scuba divers interested in cavern diving in a cenote should always check the qualifications of their guide to insure a safe tour will be offered.

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