Vacation to the old city of "Gaziantep".

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Name : Gaziantep.
Location : Turkey.
Descroption : If you plan to go on vacation adventures in Turkey, Gaziantep is an ideal place because it offers of a commercialized town where you can find things that you used to. However, despite the commercialization, you can still feel the rich culture that has existed for 4,000 years. Originally known as 'Ayintap,' is Gaziantep is a very important settlement area during that time and the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Hittite, Persian, Babylonian, and Byzantine.

   Standing at the crossroads of Southeast Anatolia, Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean, Gaziantep is a very interesting place to visit because it bears the influence of civilization woven of many close to the border. What is really interesting about the old city of Gaziantep is the center where traditional houses made of stone and has a distinctive architectural features that still exist today. This is also the place where you can find the 6th century Citadel of Gaziantep and Ravanda fortified with small palaces, mosques, watchtowers, bath houses and Mehmet Gazali Tomb.

  In the middle of the city the Gaziantep Fortress and Citadel Ravanda stands as a reminder of the past - the citadel was in the sixth by the Byzantines Century restored. The Archaeological Museum with its important collections from Neolithic and the Hittite ages as well as the Roman times and Commagene attracts many visitors. A new addition to the museum's treasures are discovered, the Roman mosaics at Zeugma. The area surrounding the city are also full of valuable Hittite remains. The Hasan Suzer House, which was restored to its original state, now houses the Ethnographic Museum. Yesemek sculpture workshop, 30 kilometers south of the city Islahiye, one of the world's first such remains, some of the other historical, are the Zeugma (also called in Turkish Belkıs) and Turkey leaves ruins of the city Nizip and a little more to the north, Rumkale.

   Recently arranged according to model museum standards, one side displays artifacts from all ages of bronze, there are the superstitous smail statuettes of people and animals, cult artifacts, figures, stamps and cylindrical signets, decorated needles, bracelets and tork's with fibula's, ring stones and classic-age hair signet presses with gold and silver ornamentattons. The other side holds the coins according to their pressage (minting) and period with notes about each period and special coins on the panels. The displays on the side contain gold, silver, and bronze coins from Greek, Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantium periods beside Ottoman ornaments for the visitor to admire.

   If you are on vacation to Turkry, you also need to gazantep city, because in the old town, you can find out how old town can progress until now. Enjoy your vacation to gazantep.

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