Vacationing with your family to Disneyland at Hongkong..

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Name : Disneyland Hongkong.
Location : Hongkong.
Descrpition : In Hong Kong no shortage of interesting places to vacation or just refreshing. One is the Hong Kong Disneyland that has been open since 12 September 2005. This place is much visited by tourists from Asian countries, especially during major feast days like Chinese New Year's Day, Easter, New Year's Day, Christmas, etc.. When the big day was also usually held also special events such as the Disney parade.

  Although crowded, but the Hong Kong Disneyland is the smallest Disneyland in the world. Hong Kong Disneyland is divided into 6 sections, namely:
1. Main Street USA
2. Adventureland
3. Fantasyland
4. Tomorrow Land
5. Jungle Demon
6. Haunted Adventure Trail

   Been to Hong Kong Disneyland Hong Kong Tour without entering into the plan of the road - the road is definitely not complete. Although it felt Disneyland is where the kids entertainment - kids will be amazed dewasapun but people see this place. Just like a child's place of entertainment, Disney Land Hong Kong also presents a variety of fantasy rides that will certainly be very interesting to try. For business entry costs are from all the tourist sites, Hong Kong Disneyland Ticket is the most expensive at USD 399.

  To go to Hong Kong Disney Land you can just ride the MTR Tung Chung Line and goals down in the Sunny Bay MTR later changed specifically for the purpose Disney Disney MTR Station. Be sure also to the season because of what you'll travel during the summer and by autumn, the sun still shines bright enough so be sure bring enough drinking water, umbrella, sunglasses, and a special wet wipes that carry a baby or toddler.

  For those of you who are on vacation to hongkong, do not forget to go to hongkong disneyland with your kids, because here you can find a cartoon character that your child likes.

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