Visit "Ushaka Marine World".

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Name : Ushaka Marine World. 
Location :  Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, Afrika Selatan.
Description : UShaka Marine World Aquarium, the aquarium's largest marine park in Africa, situated on the edge of Durban's Golden Mile, the strip of land between the beach and the port in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. This recreation area has a total area of ​​approximately 15 acres located on the shoreline. The tourists will certainly have moments that are filled with fun and adventure.

 The atmosphere in the aquarium.
   This park is the perfect place for you and the kids on vacation sekaligur spare time to teach your child a variety of life in the sea. Do not forget to bring your swimsuits and towels.

   This marine park is built to create world-class entertainment and tourism destination for Durban and throughout South African society. With the backdrop of nature and the arena cargo shipwrecks that sank in 1920, which combined with indigenous African imagery, lush vegetation and maritime images of the port of Durban, uShaka is a complete marine world.
   Not without reason if the uShaka Marine World to claim itself as the vehicle for the world's largest aquarium. This tourist area is not just to save thousands of marine animals in 32 tanks existing aquarium. The visitors will be entertained from morning till night without stopping. uShaka Marine World offers a wide range of entertainment venues, such as restaurants, shops, action dolphin show, water rides and an aquarium. Aquarium looks like an antique that is a ship that sank in the ocean. Sea creatures found in the aquarium, ranging from tiny seahorses to sharks and dolphins.

 Ray pic
   Here tourists can see a show at Sea World, an underground aquarium, water park, stadium dolphins and seals, retail shopping in the village, tasting different kinds of delicious food, or just sunbathing on uShaka Beach.

 Turtle pic
    uShaka Marine World, is divided into four sections. First, uShaka Sea World, an underground tank. In this place, not only the panoramic beauty of the sea can be enjoyed from behind the aquarium. Visitors can even feel the sensation of swimming with sharks notoriety seas. There is also a vehicle for snorkeling for visitors who just want to relax and enjoy the natural beauty under the sea. Not just swimming, they can also walk on the sea floor through a program organized by uShaka Marine World.

 Fish !
   The second part is the uShaka Wet 'n Wild. This vehicle offers a variety of water games. Starting from pedal boats and a number of shipwrecks through the aquarium tank, until the adrenalin with other water games. A swimming pool is surrounded by grassland becomes a pleasant enough tourist attractions in the region. 

 Turtle pic.
   Village Walk into third place choice for visitors who just want to relax. In this area, there are restaurants, cafes, and a number of shops offering trinkets hands of South African fruit.

    If you do not want to shop or eat, visitors can relax in the uShaka Beach, as part of the fourth, which can be directly reached from the amusement park.

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