The beauty of unspoiled nature in "Phi Phi Island"

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Name : Phi Phi Island.
Location : Thailand.
Description : Phi Phi Islands are located in the State of Thailand, between Thailand Phuket island and the land. This island is part of Krabi province. Phi Phi is a group of small islands on the west coast of southern Thailand. The islands are very popular tourists because of its beautiful scenery, clear blue sea mixed with green karst islands. Naturally visitors each year who come to this place up.

Phi Phi Island.
Beautiful View in Phi Phi Island.
   Phi Phi Island is the largest island in this archipelago. The biggest island, uninhabited and has a fairly complete facilities. Many tourists who chose to spend his time a few days on this island. The island is also often a transit point for those who want to go to Ko Lanta or Ko Phanga. Ko Phi Phi Lee often visited by many tourists. Accommodation facilities on the island, but the trip from the island of Phi Phi Don only takes a minute.

The tourists are enjoying the scenery.
See the underwater beauty of the Phi Phi Island.
   In 2004 Phi Phi and other islands in this region was destroyed by the tsunami Indian Ocean. All facilities and accommodation were destroyed. Phi island but now is back to normal. The island was once used as a place of shooting the film “the beach”.

Ship Boat in Phi Phi Island.
Phi Phi Island of Enchantment million.
   The film is set in a secluded island that is very stunning natural landscape. In this island there is also a viking cave that harbors thousands of birds wallet.The beauty of an unspoiled natural landscape is very attractive for anyone to visit the island of phi phi. and the island is also fitting for your honeymoon vacation. In addition to the natural landscape of this place is also very romantic and exotic.

See the underwater beauty of the Phi Phi Island.
Phi Phi Island, Paradise of Tourism.

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