Adventure in Ujung Kulon Park, Indonesia.

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Name : Ujung Kulon National Park.
Location : Ujung Kulon, Indonesia.
Description : Ujung Kulon National Park, is a national park located in the western part of Java Island, in Indonesia. Indonesia never be separated from the tourist attraction. Ujung Kulon national park covers an area of ​​Krakatoa and many other islands around it. The park has an area of about 1206. km ² (443 km ² of the sea). National Park became the first National Park was inaugurated in Indonesia, and became one of the World Heritage protected by UNESCO in 1992, since this region covers a vast protected forest.

One-horned rhinoceros
    Until now there are about 50 to 60 rhinos living native of this area in this habitat. Travelling in Ujung Kulon National Park is very interesting and exciting for your visit. Ecotourism in Ujung Kulon National Park is one exciting adventure tours. The beach in Ujung Kulon National Park area is also very nice and beautiful to visit when you are across the national park is Ujung Kulon. Not only will you see rhinos in Ujung Kulon National Park this but you also see different species of birds and other wildlife that are in place.

Ujung Kulon National Park.
   In addition, the types of fish that are unique in Ujung Kulon National Park, both who live in the sea or river life. The animals include fish, butterflies, lions, parrots, glodok and chopsticks. Fish and fish glodok chopsticks are two types of fish that is very strange and unparalleled uniqueness. Said to be unique because glodok fish have the ability to climb trees, and the fish chopsticks have the ability to spray water on more than one meter altitude to spot prey (small insects) which are in the leaves or above the water surface.

Ujung Kulon National Park Indonesia.
 Ujung Kulon National Park is an interesting natural attractions, the beauty and uniqueness of various forms of the phenomenon, not just the rhino and other animals who will you meet, you can also relax other place that is no less attractive as
- Whitewater rafting river,
- Waterfalls,
- The beach has white sand,
- Hot water bath,
- Marine park
- And the cultural heritage / history (Ganesha statue, in Mount Panaitan Mercury Island). They are all natural charm that is very interesting to visit and it is difficult to obtain elsewhere.

Beach Of Ujung Kulon Park.
Beach Of Ujung Kulon Park.
   Usually the tourists come to visit Ujung Kulon National Park in April to September. To be able to Ujung Kulon National Park can be via Jakarta or Bandung via land routes. Natural beauty and rare species of rhino that can be laternatif your tour during their stay in Ujung Kulon Park. In addition to enjoying the outdoors, you might also find it an adventure through the jungle Ujung Kulon National Park. Ujung Kulon National Park is a complete eco-tourism and charming.

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