Celebrate Christmas Gamirasu cave hotel.

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Name : Gamirasu cave hotel Cappadocia.
Location : Turkey.
Description : Celebrating Christmas and New Year in Turkey is very pleasant. Here, you will be provided hotel meliki million blush, namely Gamirasu cave hotel. What's interesting about this hotel is a 30 room hotel that looks a cave. The room is divided into: Standard Double, Deluxe Rooms, Cave Suites, Family Suites and Superior Suites.

Gamirasu cave hotel Cappadocia.
   Gamirasu hotel was established in 1999 and has been used until now. Gamirasu Ayvali hotel located in the village, right in the heart of Cappadocia, Turkish State. Mentioned that this hotel is one of the best hotels in Coppadocia cave and is a romantic place for those who want to spend Christmas, New Year, and honeymoon. The room at this hotel will make you feel cold when the summer and warm in winter. All rooms have a size, shape, and various facilities.

Celebrate Christmas Gamirasu cave hotel.
Some of the existing facilities at this hotel will be enjoyed by visitors, namely
1. Massage Body Treatment,
2. Turkish Cuisine
3. course,
4. Agricultural activities,
5. Yoga & Massage Theraphy.

Gamirasu cave hotel.
   Travel to get to the hotel starts from Gamirasu hotels, Turkey to the surrounding area Ayvali Village (free for hotel guests). For a business meal, chefs will be presenting visitors with typical Turkish food. Usually breakfast buffet is served for visitors can sample some locally made products such as jam, honey, apricot and cream.
The atmosphere is pleasant nights
Room inside the cave
The air space bathroom design luxury
Winter in Gamirasu cave hotel Cappadocia, Turkey
Gamirasu building cave hotel Cappadocia, Turkey
Gathered in the hotel room Gamirasu
Gamirasu cave hotel Cappadocia, Turkey
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