Enjoying the beauty of Waterfall in "Tawangmangu".

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Name : Tawangmangu.
Location : Karanganyar regency, Central Java, Indonesia.
Description : Tawangmangu known as a tourist attraction in the mountains of the western slopes of Mount Lawu which can be reached by land vehicles. This place is made ​​the object of its main tourist destination is Grojogan Sewu waterfall that has a height of 81 m. In place, besides there was a stunning waterfall, here also there are other tourist facilities such as swimming pools, whitewater rafting and various forms of lodging.

   For those of you who fear the animals monkey, be careful, because here there are a lot of monkeys on the loose. Typically, visitors who come here to feed the monkeys. The monkeys are animals that lived here before her, perhaps because of its many tourists who come here for vacation, they compromised, sometimes they can be wild.
   The air in this place is very cool, in addition to its beautiful landscape, natural beauty around it is no less interesting to other regions in Indonesia, especially in the area is famous for its agricultural production, producing vegetables, strawberries. For those of you who really like the fruit of strawberries, here there is a very stout fruit strawberries on sale, and his prices are very cheap, because the growth of strawberry fruit here so is growing. Apart from being a tourist attraction Niagara Grojokan Sewu, Tawangmangu itself has become the choice for urban people to build the villas, as well as invest in setting up hotels & lodging.

   For those of you who want to vacation in this place, do not be afraid to seek the inn, because here there are many lodging places, such as hotels, villas, and another as his. All you have to fear in this place is the road to this place, so, you must be careful when going to this place, because of the way up and down, and in addition there is the abyss. So, for those of you who want to go on vacation to this place, do not drink drunk.

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