Atiu Islands stunning Blue Lagoon.

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Name : Atiu Island.
Location : South Pasific.
Description : Atiu Islands is a great tourist spot to visit. Atiu Islands are located in the South Pacific. It includes, Cook Islands. Cook Islands would be an ideal place for tourists who are looking for a tropical vacation spot is perfect for basking in the sun.

 Atiu Islands stunning Blue Lagoon.
   Cook on the beach there is beautiful white sand and tropical blue lagoon. Cook Islands has developed into a very desirable as a vacation spot for tourists. Tourism drives the economy of this island Pls number one industry, far above the banking, pearls, marine and fruit exports. It's kind of popular art tivaivai island, similar to the blanket. Cook Islands were named by Captain James Cook of Britain.

Beach of Atiu Island.
   Atiu Island is the third largest island in the Cooks. This island will be the ecology due to increased visitors annually. Atiu Island, also known as Enuamanu (land birds) was found 187 kilometers northeast of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. Will be the capital island of Rarotonga and 15 located between Fiji and Tahiti in the South Pacific. Sandy beach on Atiu scattered and isolated - but there is much to reveal as little secret tucked into the shore. Unspoiled and lush with rain forests and the central highlands unexpected - according to legend when it landed on the coast of Atiu Polynesian white-crested bird, and insect life alone. Atiu Island attracted quite a few other attractions.

Atiu Island is a beauty Island.
   Just one will be the ancient caves are amazing. very suitable for the individuals who want adventure tourism. To arrive the cave must traverse the dense tropical forest. Anatakitaki cave has a clear cool pond with stalactite and stalagmite decoration. The caves listed here are often used to be a cemetery therefore you will find ancient relics in it. Cave to be a burial or storage bodies just like Tana Toraja culture in Indonesia. Around the island of Atiu also there is an appealing plants and fauna. Being among the most well-known by tourists would be the birds. The wonder and diverseness of those birds will invite your admiration. As well as the above, the island of Atiu can also be noted for specialty coffee producers. therefore if you would like to holiday in the south pacific, feel the thrill of adventure tours exploring the island of Atiu.

The enchanting island of Atiu.
   On the island of Atiu another possibility is an interesting natural world. Among the most well-known by tourists will be the birds. The beauty and diversity of those birds will invite your admiration. In addition to the above, the island of Atiu is also noted for the typical coffee producer. therefore if you intend to vacation in the south pacific, feel the thrill of adventure tours explore the island of Atiu.

Atiu Islands Dazzling Blue Laguna.
 Atiu Islands stunning Blue Lagoon.
Atiu Island is a beauty Island.
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